Derek believes he was abducted by aliens. He believes they carried out experiments on his body. He believes they will return. He believes we are not alone. He believes they may have made him 'super smart'. Do you believe Derek?! Abducted? Out of the blue and out of the ordinary. Written, directed, filmed & performed by William Morgan. (Filmed at home on a Samsung A70 during Level 5 Covid-19 Lockdown on the 1st Jan 2021).

Jury Award Winner - Europe Film Festival UK - Best Short Mobile Film.

Winner Monthly Super Short Smartphone - Berlin Flash Film Festival.

Winner - Special Mention - One-Reeler Short Film Festival.

Finalist - Best Mobile Film - Prague International Monthly Film Festival.

Finalist - Lit Laughs Intl. Comedy Film Festival.

Semi-Finalist - Sweden Film Awards.

Semi-Finalist - The Hollywood Monthly Film Festival.

Semi-Finalist - Best Director Awards 2021.

Semi-Finalist - Best Actor - Couch Film Festival 2021.

Sonny leads a simple life. As the village's resident gardener, he spends his days doing odd jobs and earning a modest wage. He is an innocent soul who cares only for three things: his Mammy, his dog Patch and having pints on payday. These three things keep him balanced.

Sonny, Mammy and Patch the Dog


Written & Performed by William Morgan

Winner Jury Award for Best Actor

– Europe Film Festival

Winner Best Actor Award

– Cotswold International Film Festival

Winner Best Actor Award

– Sweden Film Awards

Winner Audience Award

– Bleeding Pig Film Festival

Newscheck Comedy Sketches

William is one of the regular cast members of Newscheck. Viral satirical and topical comedy sketches.

The One Minute Soap Opera created by William Morgan featuring Mona Lott, Dan Druff and Cliff Hanger.


Mockumentary following the 80's pop/rock band Double Denim. They had a fleeting brush with fame in 1989 when their song 'Take Me Now' reached No. 12 in the UK charts. They have now been asked to re-unite for a Legends of the 80's concert in Germany. Created, Written and Directed by William Morgan. Starring Sean Power, Vincent Walsh and Peter Vollebregt.

Double Denim Comedy Series Created by William Morgan

I Queue. The Art of Standing in line. Written and performed by William Morgan. Filmed at home during Covid-19 lockdown. Brendan recounts his experience in the world of queuing. A committed member of the queuing community for over 30 years.

I Queue

Written & performed by William Morgan

A selection of Music Videos

Filmed & Directed by William Morgan

"Absolutely fabulous!" "I love it... an amazing storyteller."

"Brilliant... kids loved it." "Such a wonderful idea!"

"Thank you so much... she couldn't believe it!"

"I love it!!! It's such a wonderful thing you do.

"LOVE what he does!! AMAZING!! "Great idea... love it."

"Thank you sooo much. She's inspired to write more!"

"Brilliant. He was so excited, his face was a sight to behold!"

"A fantastic reading of the story... my kid was amazed. You should have seen her face when you were reading her story!"

"She loves it. She's watched it five times already and smiles more each time!"

"Her sisters are now inspired to write their own stories."

"The excitement in the house... her brother decided he wanted to write a story now too."

"You're an absolute hero in my class. Thank you!


An initiative created by William Morgan